Creating Student Accounts

Teachers create and manage their own student accounts. They do this manually from their Dashboard, or let students sign up themselves with a Class Join Code (6 chars).

Usernames must be universally unique, so consider adding a differentiating prefix or suffix to your Usernames.

Setup Class

1. Go To Dashboard
2. If you don't have a class, click "New" in the Classes table
4. Click "Manage Students"

Option 1: Self-Signup

1. Find your Class Join Code
2. Have students go to 3. Have students click “Redeem Code” and sign up with their Class Join Code
4. Teachers can see and edit student accounts from their Dashboard

Option 2: Manual

1. In the Classes table, click "Manage" next to the class you want to add the student to
2. 8. In the Students table, click “New"
3. 9. Enter student details