Creating Teacher Accounts

Each school license has an Administrator account to create and manage teacher accounts. The Administrator is the person who redeems the License Code (12 chars). Administrators can manually create teacher accounts from their Dashboard, or give teachers a Teacher Join Code (8 chars) to sign up themselves.

1. Go To Dashboard
2. Click "Manage Teachers"

Option 1: Self-Signup

1. Find your school’s Teacher Join Code
2. Consider emailing teachers with the following sample text:

Our school has a Brainingcamp Virtual Manipulatives account. To sign up:
1. Go to
2. Click Redeem Code
3. Enter our Teacher Join Code: XXXXXXXX
4. Visit to learn how to create classes and students

Option 2: Manual

1. In the Teachers table, click "New"
2. Enter teacher details
3. Choose a temp password, or let us randomly generate one for you
4. The teacher will receive an email with their username and password
5. Note that some SPAM filters block these automated emails